The reason for the failure of the two-state solution: applause and money for terrorists

The reason for the failure of the two-state solution: applause and money for terrorists

The Biden administration and leftist groups insist that Israel pave the way for Palestinian sovereignty. But widespread support for anti-Jewish terrorism illustrates why this is not possible.
(JNS) In his first telephone conversation with new Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen, congratulating him and the rest of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government on his inauguration, U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken delivered two mixed messages.

Like his boss, President Joe Biden, for the past two years, Blinken claimed that the administration was committed to Israel's security and its alliance with Washington. He also paid lip service to "promoting common interests," including Israel's further integration in the Middle East and the need to deal with the threat of a nuclear Iran, two issues where Biden's policies have actually undermined the Jewish state's interests.

Then he got to the real purpose of the call: to "underscore America's continued commitment to the two-state solution and rejection of measures that threaten its viability."

This is about more than rejecting the presence of Jews in the heart of their historic homeland in Judea and Samaria, or Jewish rights throughout Jerusalem, including its holy sites such as the Temple Mount. It is a political mindset that further strengthens forces like Hamas and the supposedly "moderate" Palestinian Authority, groups whose ultimate goal is the destruction of Israel, not coexistence with it.

This is the same message Israelis have received from American Jewish groups and leaders, both left and mainstream, who reluctantly welcome Netanyahu's new government. They continue to cling to the illusion that the "two-state solution" is a magic formula to be protected, despite the fact that the past three decades have shown that the Palestinians have no real interest in it.

This contrasts sharply with Israeli public opinion, where even the majority of those who voted for the coalition led by Yair Lapid, defeated by Netanyahu's right-wing/religious bloc, want nothing to do with the kind of policy favored by Biden and foreign liberal Jews.

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